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Heatscope Vision R.C. 2200W White/White

Heatscope Vision R.C. 2200W White/White

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1 453,03 €
HEATSCOPE® VISION – 3 step power stage regulaton, remote-controlled, 3-core cable
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1 453,03 €


HEATSCOPE® VISION and HEATSCOPE® SPOT are the frst heaters, which reach the standards of the EC-Directve 2009/125/EC in energy efciency and EC eco design (EC-Energy 2020):

  • low energy loss via the system and solid system temperatures;
  • optmal refector design with > 94% refecton and efectve back ventlaton in the system;
  • sensitve room / radiant temperature regulaton with automatc modulaton.

Due to the reduced low orange light an ambient warm atmosphere appears right afer turning on the HEATSCOPE®. The light of the HEATSCOPE® VISION is additonally fltered by a ceramic glass front screen.The HEATSCOPE® SPOT series has a coated fn screen in front of the satn surface carbon heatng elements.

Only 5 to 15 seconds afer turning on the HEATSCOPE® it reaches the operatng temperature and is ready to be used immediately – indoors just like in open spaces outdoors, even in installaton heights up to 3 meters. Based on the fast medium wave infrared the heaters reach a cosy heatng up of the ambiant air as well as an intensive, gentle warming up of surfaces. Also the human body feels a pleasant and harmless warmth.

90–94% of the electrical power is converted into efcient thermal heat radiaton. The residual energy of 6–10% is used as convecton for homogenous heatng of the ambient air by the patent pending circulaton system.


  • white ceramic glass front screen
  • white coated aluminium corpus
  • energy efcient twin carbon heatng elements with satn  surface
  • patent pending refector heatng system with air con  ditoned back
  • basic version: ON/OFF + two manual switchable power stages (100% or 50%)
  • plus version: ON/OFF + three switch-able power stages (100%, 80% or 50%) via IR- remote control
  • incl. accessories for wall or ceiling mountng


  • visible light: < 300 lux 
  • radiant efciency: ? 90% 
  • max. heatng output in < 15 sec.
Informations complémentaires

Informations complémentaires

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